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The multimeter.probe.ResourceProbe uses the python standard module resource that provides access to cpu load, memory usage and io metrics. Unfortunately, the module is only available on unix.


  • METRIC_CPU_RATE_USER: Rate of time spent in user side code per second
  • METRIC_CPU_RATE_SYSTEM: Rate of time spent in user side code per second
  • METRIC_MEMORY_MAX: Total memory allocated in kB.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_SHARED: Shared memory with other processes in kB.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_DATA: Memory used for data in kB.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_STACK: Memory used for stacks in kB.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_PAGE_FAULTS_WITH_IO: Number of page faults per second that lead to io.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_PAGE_FAULTS_WITHOUT_IO: Number of page faults per second that didn't lead to io.
  • METRIC_MEMORY_SWAP_OPS: Number of swap operations per second.
  • METRIC_IO_BLOCK_IN: Number of data blocks read per second.
  • METRIC_IO_BLOCK_OUT: Number of data blocks writes per second.
  • METRIC_CONTEXT_SWITCHES_VOL: Number of voluntary context switches per seconds.
  • METRIC_CONTEXT_SWITCHES_INVOL: Number of involuntary context switches per seconds.

See for more details.


  • SUBJECT_PROCESS: The python process.
  • SUBJECT_CHILDREN: The child processes of the python process.

Last update: 2021-11-30