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Gathering metrics for task executions🔗

In order to get better insight into bottlenecks and consumption of computing resources Bandsaw provides the bandsaw.advices.metrics.MetricsAdvice, that allows to track metrics like CPU load or memory usage while tasks are executed. This enables developers to discover hotspots and bottlenecks within their workflow and identify optimization potential.

The advice uses the Multimeter library for collecting the values. It uses the library to write the metrics into a file and attaches the result under the name 'metrics.' to the session. The extension of the filename depends on the file format that is being configured.


meter (multimeter.Multimeter)🔗

meter is a required positional argument. It contains the pre-configured Multimeter instance that will be used for measuring the metrics during task execution. The Multimeter is configured by its constructor. In order to gather any value, it must be given atleast 1 probe, e.g. ResourceProbe. For more information on how it is being used, please refer to

directory (str)🔗

The directory where the files with the gathered metrics are written to. For each session a separate file is being created with the name . where '' depends on the file format. If this directory is not set or None, the files are written to the session specific temporary directory.

file_format (multimeter.FileFormat)🔗

The file format which is used for writing the results. Multimeter supports multiple file formats that can be used. Defaults to multimeter.JsonFormat. For more information refer to

Example configuration🔗

import bandsaw
import multimeter

from bandsaw.advices.metrics import MetricsAdvice

configuration = bandsaw.Configuration().add_advice_chain(

Last update: 2021-12-22